Adam Wishart

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Adam Wishart is a writer and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. His work often deals with the conflict that exists between economics and medical ethics.

He has written two books, Leaving Reality Behind and One in Three, which tells the story of cancer through the battle of his father with the disease, and was nominated for The Royal Society Book Award in 2007.

He has worked on Watchdog, Newsnight, Horizon, Tomorrow's World, Panorama, and Modern Times. As a director, he made A Class Apart for the Back to the Floor series, which won the Royal Television Society Best Feature in 1997. He has also won the Grierson Award twice, for Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing (BBC2, 2007) and for The Price of Life (BBC2, 2009).

His most recent documentary, #23 Week Babies, attracted 1.9 million viewers, narrowly beating Jamie's Dream School.

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