Rosalind Jana

Rosalind Jana is a writer, blogger and student. She was recently voted one of the ten most influential people in the writing/publishing category in the Guardian/Hospital Club 100 List. She is represented by Models One.

A sporadic model from age 13 onwards, she had spinal surgery at 15 and went on to win the Vogue Talent Contest for young writers at 16. She has since contributed to magazines and websites including Vogue, The Guardian, The Vagenda, Teen Tatler and Oxfam. She is currently working her debut book (published by Hachette Children's Books). Weaving together her personal experiences with interviews and observations from a wide range of young women, the publication presents a series of reflections on being teenage in the 21st Century.

She is well placed to talk about a variety of issues directly affecting teens, from friendships to conformity to lives changed by the internet, as well as various non-age specific topics including body image, spinal surgery, blogging, fashion, sustainable style, family, mental health and feminism. 

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