Andrea Wulf

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Andrea Wulf has recently been on a 40-date lecture tour of the US and UK, speaking about her acclaimed book, The Founding Gardeners.

She's the author of two other books, including The Brother Gardeners, which was longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize 2008 and won the American Horticultural Society Book 2010 Award. She has written for many newspapers including the Guardian, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as well as regularly appearing on radio and TV.

This year she has spent nearly three months on the road, giving almost forty lectures to large audiences at the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Society in London, the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Jefferson's Monticello and the Chicago Botanic Garden in the US amongst many others. Organisers speak of her as a ‘compelling storyteller’, her ‘incredibly engaging personality’ and her ‘sense of humor’ as well as a speaker who brings history and her deep knowledge alive with wit and charm.

She is currently writing her new book, Chasing Venus, about the world's first international science experiment to measure the Transit of Venus in 1769, to coincide with the next rare Transit in 2012.

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