Elaine Fox

Professor Elaine Fox is one of the world's leading experimental psychologists and an expert on the science of optimism. She is currently Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University's Centre for Emotions & Affective Neuroscience (OCEAN). 


She has published over 90 scientific papers on many topics in psychology and neuroscience, in addition to a major academic book, Emotion Science, in 2008. Her research is dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of how the human brain unconsciously analyses information, which has led to a fresh understanding of why some people are highly resilient, while others are vulnerable and prone to anxiety and depression.

A recent breakthrough has been the discovery of specific genes that tip people towards either a pessimistic or an optimistic mindset, which in turn are linked to emotional vulnerability and resilience. She is currently writing about these issues in her first popular science book, Rainy Brain Sunny Brain, to be published in Spring 2012.

She has given several public talks on “The Optimism Gene?”, “Is it really possible to measure happiness?”, “Presenting Science in the Media” and “Should we worry about mobile phones?”

Elaine was elected to a Fellowship of the Association of Psychological Science in 2009 and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. 

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