Louise Foxcroft

Louise Foxcroft is a prize-winning historian and journalist, an occasional tutor at the University of Cambridge, and a Non-Alcoholic Trustee for Alcoholics Anonymous.

She is author of The Making of Addiction: The use and abuse of opium in nineteenth-century Britain; Hot Flushes, Cold Science: A history of the modern menopause; and Calories and Corsets, a history of dieting over two thousand years. She has also contributed to The Times, Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail, London Review of Books, Erotic Review, and New Humanist Magazine.

She has featured on BBC radio discussing medical perceptions of the human body and their relation to human experience, making for in-depth questions and analyses on, for example, the medicalization of society. she regularly addresses symposiums, addiction conferences and policy makers on the subject of addiction, as well as professional agencies at the Welsh National Assembly, Scottish Parliament, and Westminster.


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